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It was a divine appointment that you have found us and we would love to share our GLOW – A Women’s Fitness Ministry story with you.

GLOW was formed and brought to life in February of 2020. Yep, that date is correct. The infamous year of crazy, pandemic and uncertainty, that 2020! The year that was supposed to be all about great vision and change. Well, God did have a vision, but boy it wasn’t anything I was expecting. Isn’t that just like God though? The scripture says He gives beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3). God never disappoints and always comes through on His promises. He did birth and mold a vision into a beautiful women’s ministry in the midst of chaos. And because of that, you know it could only be from God.

For the last 13 years I have taught fitness in several different capacities, from local gyms, to the YMCA, to churches. My main modality of fitness was Zumba. I was asked to teach Zumba at my church 8 years ago. Now there is nothing wrong with Zumba, don’t get me wrong, but you definitely have to modify a lot of stuff for the church setting – the moves, the music, the spicy lyrics etc. Because of that, I noticed that my way of teaching was starting to change. There was a major shift taking place; a shift in my heart, the moves, and the music. So much that some might question, was it really even Zumba? There were times I was questioning myself , but I just kept teaching….

The beginning of every year our church does a fast. I personally love it. I feel it sets the tone for the upcoming year. Helps to get our hearts aligned with God. Not to mention it helps you shake off some of those Christmas calories you may have added on. So, in January 2020, (notice the date again), during the annual Daniel fast, God did something amazing yet very scary! I was told to lay down the Zumba altar and build up a new fitness altar that was to be dedicated specifically for HIM! Huh? What does that even mean? Well, it means I was to build a fitness platform where God was leading our health and wellness both spiritually and physically. I was to start a fitness business that was solely Christian based. A Women’s Fitness Ministry!  

And just like that, a month later, GLOW – A Women’s Fitness Ministry was founded, formed and birthed. All those years when I was wondering where my fitness journey was going, God knew all along. He was preparing my heart and mind for what was to come – a ministry where we allow God to lead our wellness, not the world. Wellness both physically and spiritually.

“The First Wealth is Health”, is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson and I believe he was onto something here. Our Temples, bodies, are a great gift from our Heavenly Father. After all God resides in us (1Cor 6:19-20). Our bodies are the new temples for which He dwells. And it is our honor and duty to steward them well.

Sweet friends, you aren’t going to find the latest cutting-edge workouts here. You aren’t going to find the hottest trends in diets. You aren’t going to find a quick fix scheme to health and wellness. We won’t and can’t promise that. But what we can promise is that we will celebrate and rejoice in the Lord at all times (Phil 4:4) the magnificent temple He gave us. We can promise a safe place where women can come, be encouraged, move their bodies and learn to love the image that God has created them in. We will do life, with all the good, the bad and everything in between with you and beside you to the glory of God. Thanks for checking us out. We would love for you to join our #GLOWFITFAM!

Rejoicing in the Lord, Love and Lunges!

Samie Jo Arnold

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